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I found an angel on Instagram that she like the world to connect with creative people just like us. I'm sure that she has massive potential as a model and we will definitely shoot together near future.



Maisie Dickinson is a 16 year old art student from Greater Manchester, England with a passion for everything arty. She has always been creative and had a passion for music and art and has recently found a love for style. She hopes in the future to find a career in the arts as it is where she finds her happiness. Maisie has found recent confidence from her Instagram account where she expresses herself, her style and the art she finds in daily life. She hopes for a creative future and to make some sort of difference.


Maisie told us attractive about Instagram for her and dream.



I love to use the internet to improve my life and used it to educate me in ways the education system doesn’t. I have made a lot of my best friends through social media, some people may see that as sad but I’m so grateful I’ve found people just like me and that I am involved with a community of creative, inspiring and passionate individuals!



I would love to have a future in something arty, its where I am most passionate. I would also love to make a difference to peoples lives whether it be inspiring them or helping an in need cause. I don’t know what path life will take me on but I’m going to try and have an impact.


She will be on the 3rd issue as BOURGEOIS ARTIST.

The more you will like her if you check it!


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