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Who is Mirella Miville?

It's easy to reach out to people in this world. That has positive and negative aspects of relationship. Few weeks ago, I found a girl who has an unique personality. She is Mirella Miville born in Captiva Island,1995. I still don't know her. I just talked to her on Instagram.

In many of her posts, it seems grunge and revealed herself without embarrassment.

When I asked her to send us portrait and biography, she is the only one sending me a too long long introduction, but then I was really into her story that made me want to see her as if I could fall in love. But I still don't k know how to express her in good introduction. That's why I post this article to share that with you.


Enjoy Mirella's story from her letter.

You will fall in love after reading her story<3



Moving from a tiny island in Florida to the New York City seems drastic but it was the only thing that made sense. My dad is a retired fashion / fine art photographer - I used to secretly go through his box of polaroids from the 80s and I was addicted- I never saw people like this in my hometown. It was pure hedonism; models draped in furs and diamonds, cheetah print couches, mirrored hot tubs... but it was the unique styles and personalities that struck me. I was a late bloomer and a tomboy and bullied constantly for never being feminine enough. I didn’t develop a sense of style until 16 when a friend from home moved to NYC and I saw other people my age dressed like the people in those polaroids.


Freshman year

In 2013 I moved to New York to study at NYU. It’s funny how as a student, every year becomes sort of a frame for your identity. Freshman year I got really into the art scene and interned for Ryan McGinley, doing street casting. To this day I am still always casting, just in my own mind.



My occupation is as a PR agent for various friends of mine. I’m mostly excited about Mouth Arcade, which is an industrial food design lab where we create immersive, pop up dining experiences. Since moving to NYC I’ve also worked in several restaurants just for the experience. Cooking is my greatest passion, it is everything to me and it is how I express myself. I love to make people happy and I like disruptive approaches to any craft, and as a strict vegan I am constantly challenged to show that plant based food can keep up with any other trend. I like weird things like garnishing martinis with pickle flavored pop rocks or putting tobacco charcoal in a cherry soda cocktail to make it taste like a blunt.



It’s a weird time to talk about myself because three months ago I completely changed, after getting out of a long emotionally abusive relationship. This weight was lifted and for the first time in my life I realized my own self worth. I couldn’t and still can’t sleep at night and I chase new experiences, the past 12 weeks have been a roller coaster. I’ve been living out of 3 backpacks, couch surfing, staying up for days and have never felt so energetic, passionate, or full of love, ever. That’s why I laugh when people say “sorry” when they ask why my ex and I broke up. It was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.



I love Instagram but it’s very contradicting, I am very curious about how people view my social media presence and yet the whole point of it is that I do not want to care. I remember idolizing models and being so jealous of their lives and spending hours in some sort of wormhole, looking at their friends. A lot of people mistake me for a model so I never want to influence younger girls to be anything but themselves. So I make sure to keep an honest and disruptive cadence; I talk about my family, I write very sarcastically, I post screenshots of my favorite poems. It’s like… I hope I can be a good inspiration. Never an aspiration.


Above, here's Mirella's biography that she sent me. But it's not all.

I will post about her article again soon. One thing I can say for sure, I will definitely see her somewhere in the world next year!


To be continued...

Posted by Editor-in-Chief, YUSUKE.D.MARIA


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