We are collaborating some artists worldwide. If you become our artist, you can post your artwork on the magazine or  web, also we share the photo from your Instagram.

How To Apply

We are currently updating our artists application system.

In the mean time, please email your details and images to info@bourgeoiswebmag.co.uk   with the subject line "BOURGEOIS ARTIST". If applying by email please ensure you submit the following information.


1. Name
2. Age
3. Occupation
4. Nationality and based
5. Link to Twitter/Instagram/HP

6. Your portrait/Artwork(Picture and description)










・SNS アカウント(Twitter/Instagram/HP等) 



上記の内容を含み、 件名(タイトル)をBOURGEOIS ARTISTにしてメールをお送りください。

Email: info@bourgeoiswebmag.co.uk